Didier Pasamonik, born June 18, 1957 in Ostend, Belgium, is a French-speaking comic book expert, publisher, editor, journalist and curator. He is the assistant editor and editorial director of ActuaBD.com since 2003.

Didier wrote for a variety of magazines and newspapers dedicated to comics such as Les Cahiers de la Bande Dessinée, Bachibouzouk, DBD, StoryBoard, L’Année de la BD, Les Inventions de Gaston, Bandes Dessinées Magazine, Vécu, Suprême Dimension, ZOO, Spirou, Comixene (Germany), Dolmen (Spain), Alfonz (Germany). He also wrote for such professional and consumer magazines as Collectionneur Français, La Lettre de France édition’, Le Spectacle du monde, Philosophie Magazine and VSD.

In April 2002, Didier Pasamonik became a member of the board of the Forum International Écriture et Cinéma de Monaco. From 2003 he organized the Prix de la Meilleure BD (Best Comic Award) award adapted to film and television. The forum stopped working in 2011.

Toghether with Éric Verhoest he was the editor and one of the main contributors to the “Hachette sur Gaston Lagaffe Les inventions de Gaston”  encyclopaedia (45 fascicules from 2004 to June 2006). From February 2008 to 2011, he was the editor of the blog Mundo-BD.fr, funded by Caisse d’Epargne, one of the largest sponsors of the “ninth art” in France (sponsor of the Angoulême Festival, Prix des Libraires de l’ALBD, and others) . He was one of the initiators of the first Istanbul International Festival of Ninth Art. In 2014 he was the executive producer of the short film Lady of the Night.

His long career is marked by publishing work. He is the director of the Bédescope collection since 1977, co-founder of the Jonas edition with Jan Bucquoy in 1978, co-founder of Magic Strip Publishing (1979), General Director of Hachette BD and Humanoïdes Associés (1988-89), editor of Cartoon Creations (1990-1992), Editor’s Advisor and Agent for Fleurus Press (1990-1995), DCP Agency’s General Manager (1993-2000), co-founder of Bethy editions (1997), where he published comic books by Marvel and DC Comics in France, and Collection Manager of: Vertige Graphic (2000 to 2003), IceBerg at Berg International (2007 to present) and Seinkis (from 2012).